I promte awareness for Lupus and a cure...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October is Lupus Awarenss Month! Get into the loop!;postID=7779582077701986745


  1. I want to be the material girl and not the face of Discoid Lupus! So would love to be vein for one night! Just one dream night of being all about me! Instead with much passion, I spend my life promoting awareness for a cure for Lupus. I use to fear going out in the sun or being under lights. I use to let what others think of me wearing a hat or carrying a parasol bother me. But one day a very young girl said, "Why are you carrying that umbrella when it is sunny out?" I replied, " I am so sensitive and fear it may rain." With that she nodded her head, yet a bit confused, and said Okay. She walked back to her mother and looked back again with the biggest smile. That day I realized sunshine comes in many forms! Especially when not tarnished by its enviroment!
    I would love to be able to have a wide varity of hats and parasols to not just protect myself, but look like I am making a fashion statement...making me a material girl! One looking for diamonds in the sky!!!

  2. October is Lupus Awareness month! Donate and share in the cure! Someone you know may have Lupus!